Studio 54 Wedding in Dallas, Texas

Step into the enchanting world of Christian and Alexande’s nuptials, a celebration that transcended mere matrimonial festivities and transformed into a grand opus of love and individuality. Nestled in the heart of their beloved Texas, the duo orchestrated an affair that dazzled and delighted, leaving an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to bear witness.

Every facet of this soirée bore the imprint of the couple’s distinct essence, a tapestry woven with threads of their shared journey. From the ethereal allure of an all-vegan menu, a homage to their conscious lifestyle, to the whimsical “my first gay wedding” badges lovingly bestowed upon guests, every detail radiated with intentionality and sincerity.

Enter Bogie’s, a bespoke bar paying homage to the hallowed grounds where Christian and Alexande’s romance first took flight—a sanctuary where libations flowed as freely as the love that filled the air. And who could forget the show-stopping performance by none other than the Spice Girls, a crescendo of nostalgia and joy that reverberated through the night?

But the true pièce de résistance? The dance floor, an electrifying tableau where guests surrendered to the rhythm of Nate Nelson’s curated beats, their spirits lifted by the jubilant release of CO2 cannons, a testament to the unbridled euphoria of the evening.

As the clock struck the witching hour, the newlyweds bid adieu in style, whisked away on a pedi-bike adorned in matching black sequin tuxedos—a fitting finale to a soirée that will forever linger in the annals of memory as a testament to love, laughter, and the boundless expanse of possibility.

Beauty: Jones Beauty & Co.

Cinema: The Brothers Martens

Entertainment: Drag Star Diva

Entertainment: LeForce Entertainment

Florals: Olive Grove Design

Officiant: Rev. Shanté Buckley

Photography: The Brothers Martens

Rehearsal Dinner: Olive Grove Design

Rehearsal Dinner: BBJ La Tavola

Rehearsal Dinner: Posh Couture Rentals

Rehearsal Dinner: Dallas MTV Valet

Rehearsal Dinner: Ascension

Rentals & Decor: Social Llama

Rentals & Decor: Shag Carpet Props

Rentals & Decor: Bella Acento

Rentals & Decor: Motus Booth

Stationery: Pink Champagne Designs

Transportation: Texas Pedicab

Transportation: Premier Transportation Services

Venues: The Hall on Dragon

Wedding Planner: Karli Spangler Events


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